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PostSubject: HOW TO CREATE A CHARACTER   Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:45 pm

When you attemp to play role with your friends, and is the first time you try it, there are some stuff you must know.

  • think that your Character is a blank canvas, and then start to paint wshat you like and want on it. Change it or use it the way you want. Is your canvas. But try to make it realistic.

  • You character age. In Hogwarts board, every member that is not Staff is a student. So, think about it. between 15 and 17 is a good age to play at Hogwarts. Thats the main restriction here.

  • Try to define your character personality make it clear and think about the physics in last place.

  • A good background make your character interesting and flexible.

  • After that, fill the CHARACTER APP at ROLEPLAYING INFORMATION to present your character oficially to the Board.

  • Go to the Sorting Hat and join a House

  • Introduce yourself at the Great Hall to start interaction with other players.

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